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NAK80 100000 shots Plastic Injection Molding Parts 1*1 Cavity

NAK80 100000 shots Plastic Injection Molding Parts 1*1 Cavity

  • High Light

    100000 Shots Plastic Injection Molding Parts


    NAK80 Plastic Injection Molding Parts


    1*1 Cavity Plastic Injection Moulds

  • Material
  • Color
  • Runner
    Hot Runner
  • Cavity
  • Dimensions
    According To Drawing Structures
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    ISO9001-2015, CE
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    Molds 1 set, Moulding Parts 3000 pcs
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Plywood Carton, paper carton
  • Delivery Time
    45 working days based on product properties
  • Payment Terms
  • Supply Ability
    10 sets molds and 60000 pcs parts per month

NAK80 100000 shots Plastic Injection Molding Parts 1*1 Cavity

Custom High Quality Plastic Injection Molding Parts,Plastic Products, Plastic Injection moulds

Plastic Products Range:

No Products Range
1 Auto parts
2 Household products
3 Industrial components
4 RHC injection plastic parts
5 Medical parts
6 Plastic injection moulds
7 Other plastic parts

Products Description:

Material PA6/66,PA+GF,PP,ABS,PE,POM,PC,PVC, PS,PEEK, etc
Product Design Drawings or Samples
Progress Plastic injection molding
Product weight 1gram-10,000grams
Molding Temperature 140~500ºC
Mold Base LKM or Standard Mold Base
Mold Core P20,718,718H,NAK80,S136, etc
Mold Cavity Single or Multi-cavity
Tolerance +/-0.1mm
Furface Finish Polish, Texture, Chrome Plating,Laser Etching,Coating, etc
Mold Life 100,000shots-1200,000shots
Tooling Lead-time 3-10 weeks
Production Lead-time 2-5 weeks
Packing Export Carton, Wooden Case, Pallet or Customized
MOQ 500pcs
Shipping By Sea,Air or Railway
Original China

Plastic Materials Features and Applications:

Materials Features Applications Examples
ABS Strong, Flexible, Low Mold Shrinkage (Tight Tolerance), Chemical Resistance, Applicable for Electroplating, Naturally Opaque, Low/Medium Cost Automobile (Consoles, Panels, Trim, Vents), Boxes, Gauges, Housings, Inhalers, Toys,etc
PA6 High Strength, Fatigue Resistance, Chemical Resistance, Low Creep, Low Friction, Almost Opaque/White, Medium/High Cost Bearings, Automobile,Bushings, Gears, Rollers, Wheels,etc
PA66 High Strength, Fatigue Resistance, Chemical Resistance, Low Creep, Low Friction, Almost Opaque/White, Medium/High Cost Handles, Automobile,Levers, Small Housings, Zip Ties,etc
PP Lightweight, Heat Resistance, High Chemical Resistance, Scratch Resistance, Natural Waxy Appearance, Tough and Stiff, Low Cost Automobile (Bumpers, Covers, Trim), Bottles, Caps, Crates, Handles, Housings,etc
POM Strong, Rigid, Excellent Fatigue Resistance, Excellent Creep Resistance, Chemical Resistance, Moisture Resistance, Naturally Opaque White, Low/Medium Cost Bearings, Cams, Gears, Handles, Plumbing Components, Rollers, Rotors, Slide Guides, Valves,etc
PC Very Tough, Temperature Resistance, Dimensional Stability, Transparent, High Cost Automobile (Panels, Lenses, Consoles), Bottles, Containers, Housings, Light Covers, Reflectors, Safety Helmets and Shields,etc
PS Tough, Very High Chemical Resistance, Clear, Very High Cost Valves,Plates, etc
PET/PBT Rigid, Heat Resistance, Chemical Resistance, Medium/High Cost Automobile (Filters, Handles, Pumps), Bearings, Cams, Electrical Components (Connectors, Sensors), Gears, Housings, Rollers, Switches, Valves,etc
PVC Tough, Flexible, Flame Resistance, Transparent or Opaque, Low Cost Electrical Insulation, Household wares, Medical Tubing, Shoe Soles, Toys,etc
HDPE Tough and Stiff, Excellent Chemical Resistance, Natural Waxy Appearance, Low Cost Chair Seats, Housings, Covers, Containers,etc
PMMA Rigid, Brittle, Scratch Resistance, Transparent, Optical Clarity, Low/Medium Cost Display Stands, Knobs, Lenses, Light Housings, Panels, Reflectors, Signs, Shelves, Trays,etc



NAK80 100000 shots Plastic Injection Molding Parts 1*1 Cavity 0


Shenzhen Jiding Technology Co., Ltd(JiDing) is a high tech company with independent R&D Capability. Its engineering team has many years and much experience on high precision molds design and manufacturing, rapid heating and cooling central temperature control system. Its research ranges cover rapid heating and cooling mold designs, equipment and central control system. Its team members are with much experience on injection production also.


The company has intelligent properties and patents on mold temperature controlling mahcine. JiDing’s mold machine got CE certification and was underwritten by international insurance company(Fubon Insurance) .


JiDing had designed more than 1000 sets of mirror or texture molds for customers. Now its one cycle heating and cooling mold temperature machine has developed into its 7th generation also.


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