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Hose Hook Plastic Injection DME Home Appliance Mould ABS Plastic Parts

Hose Hook Plastic Injection DME Home Appliance Mould ABS Plastic Parts

  • High Light

    DME Home Appliance Mould


    DME Home Appliance Mold


    DME ABS Plastic Parts

  • Mould Material
    S136 Steel 1.2324
  • Product Material
    ABS , PP,etc
  • Mould Base
  • Mould Life
    500,000 Shots
  • Mould Runner
    Hot Runner
  • Surface Finishing
  • Place of Origin
    Shenzhen , China
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    ISO 9001 : 2015 , CE
  • Model Number
    Custom s81935 C53PCHD
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    plastic :3000 Pcs;mould:1 set
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Carton and Wooden
  • Delivery Time
    30 Working Days
  • Payment Terms
    T/T, L/C, Western Union
  • Supply Ability
    plastic :200000 Pieces Per Month;mould:20 sets Per Month

Hose Hook Plastic Injection DME Home Appliance Mould ABS Plastic Parts

Hose Hook Plastic Injection DME Home Appliance Mould ABS Plastic Parts


High precision OEM custom s81935 C53PCHD Hose Hook plastic injection mould and ABS plastic parts


Injection Molding Problems

The injection molding process is basically a straightforward process involving injecting molten material into a defined shape and letting it cool until it solidifies.However,resolving a problem in injection molding can make this process more complex to understand.

The injection molding process is influenced by three factors:pressure,temperature,time.Any changes in one leg of the triangle affects the others.For example,an increase in cooling time can affect the temperature of the part or the temperature of material as it sits in the barrel of the machine.Also, a change in the melt temperature of the material can affect the pressure needed to fill the cavity of mold.

Company Profile

Shenzhen Jiding Technology Co., Ltd(JiDing) is a high tech company with independent R&D Capability.It had designed more than 1000 sets of mirror or texture molds for customers. It's engineering team has 20 years experience on high precision molds design and manufacturing.Its research ranges cover rapid heating and cooling mold designs, equipment and central control system. Its team members are with much experience on injection production and final product assemble. It has many success total solution cases abroad, such as vacuum cleaner, air conditioner and game station players and stands and so on.And it's clients include Panasonic ,Marketing instincts,ROHDE&SCHWARI etc....


Jiding Equipment List

Hose Hook Plastic Injection DME Home Appliance Mould ABS Plastic Parts 0

No. Name of Equipment Brand

Company of Origin

Capacility Amount Remark
1 EDM Machine Makino Japan 3 Axis & mirror surface 4  
2 EDM Machine AgieCharmilles Swiss 3 Axis & mirror surface 2  
3 EDM Machine Sodick Japan 3 Axis & mirror surface 2  
4 EDM Machine BIEM-Sodick China 3 Axis & mirror surface 1  
5 EDM Machine Wintop TaiWan   2  
6 CNC Machine Centre Makino Japan 20000R/Min 2 V33I
7 CNC Machine Centre YCM Taiwan 15000R/Min 5  
8 CNC Machine Centre YCM Taiwan 20000R/Min 1  
9 CNC Machine Centre FANUC Japan 24000R/Min 2  
10 Fine Wire cut Machine Seibu Japan M50A 2  
11 Middle Wire cut Machine LeQi China   2  
12 CNC Lathe Hardinge USA   1  
13 CNC Lathe HanMing China   1  
14 Milling Machine Jonint Taiwan   6  
15 Grinding Machine WangPan Taiwan   5  
16 Die Spotting Machine FINE China 70T 1  
17 Large water Gringing Gangben China 650*450mm 1  

Measuring & Inspection

1 CMM Hexagon USA Global Sliver (05.07.05) 2  
2 2.5 Measuring Hexagon USA Optiv Classic 432 1  
3 OGP SmartScope CNC OGP USA Vantage 450 1  

Micro video Measuring


Wanhao TaiWan   1  
5 Hardness Tester Taisha China   1  
6 Depth Check Mitutoyo&Sony Japan   5  
7 Ceramics Block Gauge Mitutoyo Japan   3 sets  
8 Height gauge TESA SWISS   1 set  

Other common Measuring


Mitutoyo Japan  

More than 20


Mold Testing

1 Injection Machine Toyo Japan 50T(500 speed) 1 H*V: 360*325
2 Injection Machine Toyo Japan 130T(500 speed) 1 H*V: 510*460
3 Injection Machine Sodick Japan 160T (500 speed) 1 H*V: 550*550
5 Injection Machine HaiTian China 120T 1 H*V: 410*410
6 Injection Machine HaiTian China 160T 1 H*V: 450*450
7 Injection Machine HaiTian China 250T 1 H*V: 570*570
8 Injection Machine HaiTian China 530T 1 H*V: 830*800
9 Mold Temp. Controller SHINI China 120℃/58Lpm 3  
10 Mold Temp. Controller SHINI China 180℃/58Lpm 1  
11 Hot runner Temp.controller Yudo Korea Sinsle-16 Zone 2  

Material Drying Oven, Hopper dryer

Maguire China General - 150℃ 3  


Our Services:

JDmoulding is an injection total solution provider, we ensure services from idea to drawing to mold design to finished products launched to market.We have strict production management and an excellent manufacturing team. Our experienced engineers and salesmen will ensure that your industrial engineering to tooling engineering, project management by experienced engineers and efficient engineering discussion is available at anytime.We will according your parts design excellent mold making lead time for you!